Damn stupid frog event

I had the frog event two time now, but everytime it appears I’m always training on something so when I try to talk to me I have to attack the thing I’m training on and kill it before I can talk with the frog. Anyways The frog always turns me into a frog before I’m able to talk with it.

Damn I missed a chance to get like 2 frog tokens already :mad: .

Oh well atleast I won’t have someone useless clogging up my bank

You’re lucky. I’ve never gotten the frog before.

I don’t really care for frogs now, i’ve had 8

i’ve had the frogs twice and once was when i was wc, and the other was in yanille village =p

I have both princes robes and frog mask, with 2 frog tokens in bank. Does anybody know if JaGex will release anymore clothing/items for the frog tokens. If not can one of you members send a message to JaGex asking if they will. I’m f2p so I can’t send messages to JaGex.

ive got that events lots of times i just turn my self into frog for pictures its a waste of my limited inva too get the mask or suit

foolbird…why did u leave the pk trip so early on friday?

i have the frog clothes there great :slight_smile:

actually they are not frog clothes, its a prince outfit

I have all 3 prince clothes princess clothes and frog mask.

I have like 3 sets of it hehe…

is the princess clothes the blue ones?

Yea have an extra frog token becoma a girl get them then becoma a boy again.

My sister wanted on so bad, she said she’d turn the pc off if i didn’t get off.

Anyway, just hope that JaGex will release more usfull stuff for the frog tokens, till then just clear the junk outta your bank.