Dane Cook

Well I don’t know if anyone here has heard of him, but he is a great comedian. Probably a little too innapropriate for some of the youngsters here, but still funny.

Anyways, on december 3 he is going to host Saturday Night Live, which is going to be great. I hope if anyone here is a fan they watch it.


I’ve heard of him in australia… they said one of his jokes on a breakfast show and quoted his name.

Never heard of him… Mind PM’ing me some of his jokes?

Hmm…The name sounds familiar. I’ll ask my dad if he’s heard of Dane Cook. Anyway, I like SNL, so I’ll have to watch it then.

Lol, youngsters? You make it sound like you’re a grandpa.

Well, I’ve never heard of him. He sounds good though.

You should go sometime. But you have to be 18 to get in…Anyways I’ve heard of him. He is an excellent comedian. Really funny. I watch SNL every chance I get which is almost every Saturday.

SNL = t3h 0wn4g3
( i speak pker lol )

hes my favorite comedian i always watch when he go’s on ;p

Ya he’s pretty good…I saw his comedy central special and it was pretty funny

I’ve seen him on t.v. once, it was funny as hell. :slight_smile:

DANE COOK DA SHIZNIT!!! my sis has him on ipod BK lounge :stuck_out_tongue: Parking Garage

He’s great, he also happens to be the 2nd best selling comedian of all time.