Dang it! I just lost dragon slayer :(

I went there and I was ready but I forgot the Dragon Fire Shield! He landed a 40 pointer on me and I died…

I lost my Adamant Full Helmet (g) and Adamant Square Shield (g) as well as gold boots, gold gloves and my cape :open_mouth:

ouch that sucks that you forgot your shield, but don’t worry alot of people fail on the first time

Ouch!! Man,you cant forget that anti firesheild!What did u get to keep?

oh well… next time, just remember to bring the dragon fire shield…

Addy G sq?

ouch, thats bad as well as unlucky.

I got to keep my platelegs and platebodies both addy gold trimmed

Why would you have addy (g) while fighting a dragon??? :lol:
Well at least you got some of it back.

Oh man… Sorry to hear that… But yeah, if only Elvarg was just as easy in RSC… But yeah, good luck next time and don’t forget your anti-dragon breath shield unless you think you can go through the entire fight by just using the protect from magic prayer… (Which is pretty impossible seeing as it probably takes some time to defeat the dragon and also by the fact that all protection prayers drain like crazy…)

wat lvl were u when u fought dat dragon?
i had full addy(not specil)and a rune long and killd it when i was lvl 48…but srry about the 40 hitter thats gata hurt

Woah man thats sad.Sorry to hear that.Here is my advice: If you are wearing something thats expensive and you are fighting something that you’re not sure that you can kill it, dont wear it.Its better on the safe side to wear full addy or something.

yes that was what i was thinking... is there an addy square shield(g)? :?

ummm, there is no addy g sq shield…

i killed it when im lvl 43 well of course i nvr forgot the shield but the funny thing is theres a lvl 50 there and amking fun of me saying if u die ill get ure armor and weapons and i said uwish and he stated saying die then when i killed it i said in ure face u noob and he didnt say anything lol

jeez i didn’t know anyone could afford full addy g at level 48 lol i didn’t get anything trimmed till at least level 60 but i guess im just a poor money maker and when i fought the dragon the dude called me “kid” even though i was like 3 levels below him and he cheered me on so im good but addy square g? that must be extremely rare.

im not sure addy sq (g) even exists…i doubt it though…and astro, next time don’t forget ur dragon-fire shield…u wouldn’t believe how many ppl die that way more then once,

Man, Unlucky, and also their is a addy sq shield (g) and its not that rare.
Ive seen ppl wearing thew addy (g) square.
Also when fighting the dragon

  1. Always have at LEAST full addy, drag fire shield, and rune scimmy, long or baxe.

I beat him lvl 48 wit rune scimmy and d fire and full addy. I also had full inventory of lobbies and ammy of power if that matters!
Next time remember ur shield. Very stupid to go with addy (g)

show us a screeny of a addy (g) square.

Unlucky man. I killed it when I was level 55-ish. Of course, I remembered the shield. I’ve heard of many people dying from the dragon. I’m sure you’ll do it next time. Good luck.

I forgot shield 2
i lost rune kite and full helm and sum gold gloves.
But now im p2p i can get gloves 750 ech!
If anybody wants any i can buy them.
My next trip to the glove village is in 4 days so place ure orders!!!

:? i killed it on lvl 51 and i remembered my shield (PS i used magic robes , hat , skirt all blue with rune scimmy) and killed it, next time use robes and it will prove alot less painful Ouch…