dang you blink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was waiting for a friend out in mage arena. thanks a lot for killing me you meanie poophead. unless the dontblink2 who killed me wasn’t you! lemme post a screenie here
<a href=“http://www.solisearch.net/ims/pic.php?u=9660XNAzX&i=94753”><img src=“http://www.solisearch.net/ims/pic.php?u=9660XNAzX&i=94753” border=“0”></a>

Wildy is for PKing, your fault if she killed you :frowning:

lol thats her…our Blink :slight_smile:

I love the “I’m safe…” in your chat.

What did you lose?

lol…thats pretty funny…but how did blink kill you if you told your friend those lv 110 couldnt kill in lv 55 wild??..just wondering…

lol Blink Owns! lol w00000t!
did u attack her or she attack u?

She doesn’t have a skull so you attacked her first, and you could use this screenie to win the contest of her’s :wink:

ummm the character that attacked me was a dude but i heard them say di so im sure it was still the dontblink2 but she or he or he she or whatever attacked me for no reason just wasted bloods on me i didn’t bring anythign on me.

It’s a she, she is a boy on Rs because she thinks the girls are dumb looking :stuck_out_tongue:

yea Blinks a girl…a girl that 0wned u! w00000t! lol jk.

i already told you guys she attacked me cuz she had a skull over her head and i was just in mage arena with a fletching knife standing about doin absolutely nothing watching ppl get killed and she whips out her zammy staff and robes and just kills me with zammy flames. i wasn’t able to make a screeny of that though sorry this is the only proof of her killing me for no reason really. she’s in world 71 in mage arena area along with the rest of damage inc i think.

yea cool…youve already said that like 4 times. nobodys disagreeing wit u ya know.

heh didn’t realize that there

o lol I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I!I

um ok. thats y its called pking…

well yeah but i didn’t have anythign so i didn’t think they’d attack me.

yeah, thats what i thought, they dont really care about stuff, they r just happy to piss u off. i hate pking, personally i think its a little sick.

yup i killed you :stuck_out_tongue: my clan and i needed a good laugh so i went in and killed you if you think ur safe think again

lmao thats why Blink is awesome.

he was hideing in the mage arena and no 1 was maging in normal robes so i banked got some bloods and normal robes and maged him