DAoH Recruitng! [90+ Combat, Pure Requirements Within]

[Background Info: Our clan was founded in November 2004 as Dark Angels Army. Since then, we have had a name-deciding war (which we won, Dark Angels vs. Dark Angels Army), and a merge with another clan, the Gods of Hell. We have always stayed small, but are now looking to branch out, now that we have much more knowledge than we used to. Not only do we plan on branching out, but also becoming one of the top 10 clans in RS, and as we gain members, we will have more and more wars. There’s going to be tons of fun for everyone involved, and plenty of free rune!]


I am a Tidus22340 of DAoH, the Dark Army of Hell.
We have over 100 registered members on our boards and around 30 active clan members as of now. We also have around 10 inactive members who will rejoin us soon, most likely during the summer. Please be aware that if you won’t be active in this clan, do not bother reading the rest of this or applying. We will only accept those that are willing to be active in our clan.

Average combat- 98.32
Average HP level: 87.67

(Please note these combat averages are without our pures, although pures are welcome to join us, they are actually a great help in many situations.)

We’d also like you to note that only active members are listed here in our groups.

Primary Leaders:

Cube Mage128

Grand Council:

Key Returns

High Council:

Shadow 2 X
Cool Eggy

[b]Warlords (110+ Combat)[/b]


Dark Lords (100+ Combat)

-Xdark Nite

Allies/Friendly Clans:
Dark Knights United (Friendly, 95+ Combat, 150+ Members)
Death Raiders (Friendly, 90+ Combat, 310+ Members)
The Council Of Saradomin (Allied, 80+ Combat, 40+ Members)
The Z Syndicate (Allied, 70+ Combat, 70+ Members)
Colossal (Allied, 80+ Combat, 40+ Members)


90+ Combat


75+ Mage or Range for pures, with 70+ Defence and 70+ Hitpoints, along with 43 prayer.

We are an f2p ONLY pking clan, so if you are looking for a p2p clan, WE ARE NOT IT. There will be occasional p2p events however, such as Chaos Elemental trips, p2p pk trips, KBD trips, and others.

We will hold:

-Weekly PK Trips
-All Wars (Fun, Mini, Real, Steel, Mith, etc.)
-Fun, clan unique games (come check out our ownage keep-away games =D)
-One or two unscheduled pk trips per week (for fun)

If you’re interested visit our forums now!


Also, I’d like to say as a quick note, we are currently working on a massive project - writing our own skill and quest guides! We’re doing both f2p and p2p quest guides, and f2p and p2p skill guides. This will all be our own work, available on our site, and under copyright - you can be a part of it too if you join us! However joining does not automatically make you required to work on the guide, you can choose to or not. What we have done so far can be accessed via a link on our forum portal.

Pictures of us in action!

PK Trips:


[War pictures soon, you can be included in them if you join today!]

War record: 1-0-0

Hope to see you with us soon!


Link to DAoH:

Click here to go to the main site, forum link is located on the left side of the screen under the main menu!

We had a 10 v 10 iron war where we were bsed, so we are declaring full out war on that clan soon. We do need your help though, and in the meantime, we have a full out 10 v 10 next week. Please join now to make sure you are included in the fun and free rune!