Dark Rivals KBD Trip

Here are some pics from a KBD Trip i went on with my clan a lil while ago

Well these are just a few i think we killed it 20 times the first trip then about 15 the second…loads of fun…none of the pics r fake all real…umm ya lol just thought i’d share em

wow very nice 11/10 :smiley:

Wow, nice pics, kbd trips always look like a blast, but I don’t think I should attempt going there in a group when i am only level 72. Did you get anything good from it? Or did the other clan members get the items?

nice job.

i love seeing the KBD pics!!! really kewl!
did u get anything, or did ur clan members get them?

Those are some kool pics! Im gonna get together a small Kbd trip in a few days.

=) nice but i may add thta usin mage protect does nothing now it does not help proteect from the fire lol…so u better use melee protect next time ok?

Nice 10/10
i think ill make an army of 30 level 50s think we can beat the kbd

nice…you must have loads of food to kill it 20 times lol…

or maybe it isnt that hard to kill??? i dont know…

but anyways, nice trip!

very nice pics!.. wish i was a member!

cool wat lvl were the people u went with? :wink:

well i didnt kill it once out of all those times(im not very lucky lol) our best drop was a rune 2hander, and we were all between lvl 75 and 91…i always take shark when we go there best food there is…and thx for the advice bout the protect from fire i thought it worked against that…but i didnt get hit once with the melee actually i never even saw it attack with melee it was always magic(flames, acid stuff, or the wind thing)

U must of got lots of really good stuff if give it 15/10 any way u r 1 of the good ppl most ppl in rs r like i work alone and kill every1 i see i hate pkers they r really mean some anit but most r

there were lots of big hits in it!

Protect from Magic does work against Dragon Fire. Its considered a magic attack.

cool pics. what clan are u in?

Im the leader of the Dark Rivals, web address is in my sig if u wanna check it out…lol im not very fast takin screen shots so i missed some good combos of high hits but i got some decent ones

OMG so cool 1000000000000/10, i wish n i could kill it!


It was a great event. One I would be happy to do on as a weekly event lol. As a clan we do some great things together. This was just one of them.