has neone seen the movie darkness and if so was it good cause i think it looks good but i dont wanna pay and find out its a disappointment

Oh… Heh heh… Darkness was a complete dissapointment… Unless you can somehow sneak into watch it for free or have a theater that hosts it for no more than 2 buck tops… Then I’d wait until you can somehow get it for free… Or wait till it’s rentable in video stores…

hmm ok…what about white noise was that ne good? im tryin to find a good horror to take my gf to but theres not really ne good horrors lately

has anyone seen white noise? if so was that anygood?

WEll ithought it was good
But then again the only movie i saw that i thought was bad was the 3rd pokemon movie.

soul stop spamming cause ur gettin really annoying i just asked if ne one saw white noise so theres no reason for you to post the same thing

I acutally don’t think White Noise looks that good, only cause it’s one of these dissapointing new generation horror movies and somehow, I just get a feeling that it isn’t going to be good as it may seem… Oh BTW, Plusbii0, no offense to pokemon or anything but the pokemon movies (North American release) got the worst rating in all of animated movies on IMDB… But no, if I ever see White Noise, then I’ll tell ya but by then you’ll probably have seen it too…

V Do you really think it looks that good? Well, maybe the previews but I think it’s probably gonna be a dissapointment like a lot of new generation horror movies these days… But that’s just what I think… So it doesn’t really matter… Hope you like it…

I saw previews of white noise on the internet i am going to take my gf to see it looks really good from the previews.

i think it looks pretty good to but i think darkness looked better and if ur sayin thats bad then how good can white noise be?

white noise was a waste of money dont go watch, unles ur a panzy

hmm ok i’ll keep that in mind

i think they need to go back to the old style. With the crazy immortal murder

i have not seen it…do any of you suggest i see it?