Darwin' Theory of Evolution is still not accepted (some Christians for example).

There are many physical proof to support the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. One good example is DNA comparsion between humans, chimpanzees, apes, and monkeys (which turns out that the DNA is 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% similar. But even with hundreds of ways to support this theory, some people (especially conservative Christians) still don’t accept this. Even if some Christians are aware of this, they sat Darwin’s theory is against Church teaching (which is like GOd created Earth in 7 days something).


Now Christians want Church teachings of intelligent design to be taught at biology classes, now this isn’t right.

Tell me what ya think of this theory.

An aleternative taught in school? OH NOES!
Like you said, its a theroy. Not the bible (:))

The vadican and the pope have openly acepted evolution.
Its really evengelist’s that still take everything in the bible literly and not just as teachings. So I wouldnt say christianity as the whole I would mostly say evangelicle groups is what hasnt acepted it yet.


Even Protestants of the christian branch don’t accept it. I started off asking one of them why it never mentioned dinosaurs in the bible or any animals as large as dinosaurs. Well they say that those animals were killed before God created Earth.

Now read what I just typed above

“Killed before God created Earth.”

Um ok so where were the dinosaurs living before god created the Earth and all that stuff?

We went back and forth, and seeing no conclusion I just kinda had a whatever attitude since this guy obvious wasn’t going to say anything else.

i know it may have been pretty much proven or whatever but like you said…its not 100%

I think that as evolution has been proved, there is no valid reason not to think it’s true.
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Wonder what will happen to christians if or when humans make contact with another intelligent lifeform.

The Church beleivs in astronomy to so if we encountered another intelegent life nothing would probably happen would just intreuige (sp?) them. The church even has a big telescope used for studying the starts.


Well, they’d go crazy. Everything they had “proven” would be wrong and they explode.


Read my above post an Intelegent Christan now days would say god created the universe simple as that.


Don’t be descriminant unless you want to be banned…

Anyway, if you belive so strongly in evolution and science, then how come you don’t know anything about it? Evolution cannot be proven by science and never can. For science to prove something, they have to develop a theory, test it, and then [b]repeat[/b] it… Good luck testing or repeating history :slight_smile:

For the record,

is still WAY WAY off when it comes to DNA… our bodies replicate over 100,000,000,000,000 (100 Trillion) DNA strands a second… just try and figure out how many DNA strands that is a day… Not to mention the bodies function differently, DNA isn’t everything… And if the 2 DNA types were as similar as you are attempting to say, then how come we can differentiate between chimpanzee and human DNA?..

Better to keep yer yap shut and be thought a fool than to open it and leave no doubt…

:slight_smile: just a niftish little saying of mine, i mean absolutely no offense in my arguements, so don’t take this as an “i hate you” segment of writing…

Um just to let you know, everything on planet Earth has a DNA connection. Even a human and a strawberry would have more in common then bacteria found on Titan.

They still need 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% of the evidence…HAHAHAHA

huh? anyhow… dark paladin, do u even know what darwin’s theory consists of? i dont think so, also, if the dna of a human matches the dna of a monkey, it has nothing to do with darwin’s theory!

But it does disprove the crap religion spurts

Some people will refuse to believe something. Just as most Christians refuse to believe Muslim teachings and vice versa. Once your taught something and have had it hammered into your head for decades its hard to turn back to the complete opposite belief. There are always people wno will oppose science.

Like me =)

My theory is proven correct.

Dont you feel so happy!

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