Yep, Thats right. But try not to write in Capitals. It seems like you are shouting it out.

f2ps rule…we ganan own

Lol, 2 new bows and arrow types and you think we will rule, dont know what your smoking! :lol:
Plus, this will probably be the last update for f2p anyway.

lol, why should he not shout? NEW DRAGON WEAPONS! i cant wield them yet but they look sweet anyway! i saw a lvl 115 have one like 20 minutes after the update. it look sweet! aint seen the plateskirt yet tho. i’m glad that f2p have now got access to better arrows and bows. means i can merchant them in free worlds now!

Rofl, see? Members benefit from nonmembers getting updates! :lol:

lol, my point exactly. lots of people happy. except for the ungratefull SoB’s that think they should get more free stuff. YOUR NOT PAYING! WHY THE HELL DO YOU DESERVE EXTRA STUFF?!?

its mage owning time . i like to thank jagex for making time possible and also for my good friend lockly hair for making me the mith arrows

they shouuld have onley gave them willo bows and mith arros… not maple and addy arros i mean we pay for the game and for there servers to keep running and jagex gives them new arros and bows that is un fair!
now they should give us more bows and i got a new ideal dragon arros

umm…you gotta be kidding me

nittle sure we are payin for there game…but he had a point the rangers are getting owned to often…they deerved beter stuff to even it out cuz he cant take things away form magers and meleers(besides think of the fletching porifts i cheked the store in remmington and the addy were on 320 and mith were 112…we can make a good prfit off this ourselves) lol

i dont care they still should have onely given them mith arros and willow bows…

i dont care they still should have onely given them mith arros and willow bows…

I’m sure if Jagex feels that the f2p rangers get too overpowered with the new bows they’ll take the maple bows away and the addy arrows as well… Either that or just upgrade the other two classes though knowing Jagex, they’ll take the easy way out and just save themselves more work by just taking out the maple bows and addy arrows…

Who cares if they get new bows and arrows?
Mages and warriors still own them mwahaahahaha :twisted:

anyone seen the dragon skimmy special???