By the time you read this il be gone,
i had so much love but now theres none.
I’m an empty person, lost inside.
A wounded soul who can only cry.
Its not your fault, neither mine.
A life of pain, a life of crime.
Perhaps they find me, an il be dead.
Left this world, an gone to hell…

rate out of 30(usally 34 but i cant show handwriting like they do in the real tests)

/10: grammer
/10: for content
/5: rythemm

9/10: grammer
9/10: for content
4/5: rythem


9/10 for grammar
7/10 for content
4/5 for rithym
4/5 for punctuation

overall of 24/30

9/10 Grammar
8/10 Content
5/5 Rhythm
4.5/5 Punctuation

26.5/30 Overall

8/10 Grammar,
9/10 Content,
4.5/5 Rhythm (it wasn’t worth that much, but it’s hard to make stuff fit),
3.5/5 Punctuation.

25/30 Overall (I’m VERY kind).

not as kind as me…

Your emo -.-

Your bumping up 1 month old topics -.-

And your a sterotyping Twat?

I dont mind this being necro’d aslong as people will judge… the links in my sig…

**** you, you little immature *****
Nice poem bro.

Use the rating schme an rate then please

RYU your comments really arnt needed…

10/10: grammer
8/10: for content
4/5: rythemm