deadly chicken of doom!

I can’t believe its possible, but one day after I had been recently hacked and was waitin for runescapes slow slow SLOW password return system to work, I had made a new account. Walking past the chicken coop I saw a weakened chicken and a pile of stuff. OH MY GOD it was steel armor too, now…call me crazy but if the dudes in steel duds how the hell did he get killed by a chicken? I believe this was the most pathetic thing on all of runescape, other than gettin killed by a level 1 rat…that would be even worse. Has anyone heard of anythin as pathetic?

Just so you know its immposible to die by chickens,rats, ect because they are level 1. I believe you are making this up as it is IMMPOSIBLE to die by a level 1. ESSPECIALLY WITH STEEL

Maybe he was burying bones and got killed by a shade

I will swear to it, I saw a weakened chicken and a pile of suff with bones at the bottom right next to it! I didn’t see the guy actually die, but come on it screams that he died, and now that I think about it it was iron not steel but its still that pathetic.

I dought it. If you have Steel your a noob and noobs always run.

Iron is a noob 2

maybe he thought since he’d regen in lumbridge he’d just run back and get his stuff lol

I think he was probably killed by a shade.

Like i said before no noob battles a shade. They got crappy food anyway. I think what happened is it happened to me. I was in wildy and was getting attacked so i pressed exit button.The i was dead but when i was there i still had 40hp left. If you exit you DIE!

but if he wasn’t killed by the chicken then why was the chicken’s little health bar showing? also the stuff was still there, and there was some good things so other people would have taken it? well anyways I just wanna know if anyone else has heard of something thats pathetic like that, or even worse?

Not neccessarily. I exited when I was fighting a hobgoblin and I was still alive with bones and some coins next to me. If you’re fighting someone in wildy and you close the window to rs, then you automatically die. But I think that if you exit out of rs while you’re fighting a creature, then you have a chance of surviving. Like if you can normally beat that creature, then you survive, but if you can’t, then you die. There might be a formula or something.

My pathetic story. I had full addy with 1hp. P.S. Addy was from another name. I was level 3 and boom i went to go kill a greater demon! I was so noobish then

that reminds me of when runescape cut me out in the middle of fighting a zombie, I tried to get back on 50 times, it finally worked and the zombie had just decided to walk away and leave me alone, I was so scared I’d lose it all cuz somethin stupid happened with runescape.

Yeah that would have been freaky!

P.S. 50th POST!!!

You can definetely be killed by a chicken, it would just take an incredibly long amount of time… and i believe that the shade theory would be correct, and either that or you are just making the whole thing up

Something doesn’t seem right with your story. If you’re level 3, you can’t wear addy.

I remember my 50th post from yesterday lol, I was gonna do somethin like that but thought people could just read my thing instead and see the 2 count em 2 blank silver crowns lol.

he probably meant he was just carryin the armor and thought it would protect him if it was in his inventory lol

Yea i was just holding it.

am I just psychic or what! oo yeah…

yeah thats probable what happend