Death scenes

shouldn’t jagex have some better death scenes than fallin down on ur knees? I mean I want more than that personally, at least leave a smoldering pile of ashes when I get blown up by magic, or have me run through when I’m stabbed and then have me collapse, or have me get knocked out when I get hit with a mace. I’m not sayin we need someones entrails slowly spilling out of them as they run from the dude who’s killin em, just somethin a little more detailed ya know? anyone else got some cool death scenes?

I thought you totally collapsed when you died? Doesn’t look like you just fall down on your knees… Although death scenes would be pretty cool but it would be a lot more work for the Jagex crew and plus I think they keep it like that cause of the little kids who play the game…

again I’m not talkin bout bloody gory, oh my god is that his stomach, gory kinda stuff, I’m talkin just a little better ya know? Kids would laugh at seein their character blowing up when they get hit with a huge magic bomb and havin u know the pile of ashes in boots or something lol

I am 100% certain this was already made, plus this is the wrong forum. Since I know I saw it made, I am locking this one.