Every post ive seen disgraceful replies heres some examples

  1. The Afl post (his reply) Australian football sucks
  2. The free animated post (sorry to get off top can you hire me as a miner and smither)
  3. Buddy comes back post dunno the name (can some one give me free membership we only get $5.50 an hour)

And they have all been double posted!!! some one stop him
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

stop posting junk about me i was just trying to become a senior member so stop this plz i have my own job and i do need job on game tho and i dont no how to post these things on the homepage so i will stop if u tell me how to post stuff up here

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

dude u r so uncool :evil: :evil: :evil:

:evil: ur a waist of time mate

dude u r annoying u wont tell me how to start topics so i will just ignore this gae standup against me so go to hell

dude bender is but when i c u with it its a disgrass

Death - you’re a noob sorry mods but he offended me in MY topic :frowning:
Guys this should be locked. It is up to the mods to say this and if you have a problem PRIVATE MESSAGE.

lol i got a feeling both of us are ganna get banned :roll:

we just say to all ppls here that it was solved so we dont get banned

i hope we do get banned rofl

well sry for affending u but australia is not my favorite place. i had a bad experience there. i broke my arm playing football there so sry bout that i guess i should not dis my home country the football team was the 1 i broke my arm on so i really dont like it much but oh well im not gonna do it again

do we get banned from runescaperealm or runescape?

k its alright just i got a bad feeling we are goners :stuck_out_tongue:

y would u want us to get banned? i dont want to get banned from the game but this place well i will just start a new account

MODS FOR GODS SAKE!!! LOCK THIS DAMN THING! Sorry But this needs to be locked.

Duke can stop you ding that, don’t flame anyone ever again. Locked.