deathmatch anyone?

here are some pics:

^^ how much life i had left i had no lobbies either

^^ ownd her =)

okay 2 death no running no protect item… i’ll do it… world?

world 4 meet me at edge bank

okay… i’m coming from varrock

whats ur rs name?

castoo, i’ll pm u in a sec

Take pictures of this deathmatch and post them here :wink:

he will if he can, i can’t my friends list is full i’m at edge bank

i could but im lazy it took me 10 minutes to post this(i asked pkzaber but he said no)

and don’t wear draghide, wear rune, i’m at the bank, i can’t add u friends list is full go 2 the bank…

ill post pictures later

rematch me lol 10 lobs only… cause runes took up space… dam though… i didn’t think it would be that close

stay at edge

i deathmatch u no armour or d hide

no protecting either than…

castoo lets rematch

i can’t outta runes =(, but u wanna wear d hide don’t u?

your just scared lets rematch

fighting you while you wear d hide isn’t appealing… and i retired castoo, he only had 200 in bank…

im not ognan wear dhide lets rematch

10 lobs, same rules… and i still need runes…