Deathmatch (video)

this is between earthnemesis and matten

to watch the video click this link

then click the earthnemesis dm link

enjoy :smiley:

Can they go any slower? lol :lol: 8)

deathmatches take a long time :wink:

Man, I could have taken a nap during that thing, lol.

Im in mattens clan…

He=ownage 8)

Mk=poons all :lol:

y did u keep on praying? wat prayer were u usin?

You better not tell us you gave his stuff back!

wow! cool video! low quality, but still cool

they was wearing the same weapons and armor?

that was cool

That song was evil but cool.

i had saw it too it was cool

man i wish i can see it but my computer at school has fire wall :cry:

8 min…
This battle was long but it was a good video.
Good job!

ya that was funny when that girl walked in while they where fighting

woah thats a good match

Nice match.It wasnt even it looked like cuz he was green lol. 8) keep those videos comein!