Debating Guide

I’ve seen some debates, and they come from one topic, to a whole different topic, what you need to do is STAY ON THE TOPIC GIVEN. When changing the subject it leads to spamming, look at the Darwin Evolution thread.

I’ve developed a little system that will show you to stay on topic, and have a good time while you’re at it, without taking the risk of getting the topic locked.

Define - What is the topic actually about? The topic always has a meaning, unless the topic is spam. Defining the topic will give you the response you need that most people cannot pass by, or prove false. When defined, making a response is easy.

Choices - Which side are you taking? For example, say a thread about President Bush’s decisions is made, are you with Bush or against him, or are you neutral? If you make your response seem way off topic like for example, “Bush is from Texas, and so was one of his top workers that has recently resigned.” It’s very neatly evaluated, but on the wrong topic.

Opinion - Make sure you don’t use opinion too much, that’s what gets topics trailing off-topic. For example, “Bill Clinton gave military secrets to China, I think that he’s stupid. Now I think America is stupid, and is taking control of the world.” If the topic is about Bill Clinton, keep it with Bill Clinton, or it will go to spam.

Evaluate - Do you think you made the correct decision? It’s not too late to change sides, facts can make you change your decision. Just make sure you use facts and don’t go off-topic while changing opinion.

I hope I’ve helped, and hopefully, topics won’t be locked as much from immaturity. :slight_smile:

Don’t get mad at me for making this, it’s just kind of like a “Debating for Dummies” packet.

And then there’s the Kingofallpie debating guide-
Use facts
Use good grammar
Go away if you don’t use either of the above.
:spin: Kingofallpie

This is a good guide…but you shuld add something that warns people that debating on the internet has almost no chance of winning because people never admit that they lose
“Trying to win an argument on the internet is like trying to get the olympic gold metal by using the internet”

Not exactly true is it!

You backed down on your debate, knowing full well that you couldn’t win with it.

well for religious debates its not really possible (most of the time) to win/lose cus no admits in their mind that they lost and keep searching for more stuf to disprove the other side

Your thread had nothing to do with religion, it was about tolerance.

Keep searching!!

Thanks for sharing that with us! The most important thing is that you respect other peoples opinions, otherwise you shouldn’t be here.


thats why ther was a victory/loss. i said for religious debates there is no way to win because no one wuld admit they lose