Decent Bank Sale (ALL SOLD OUT)


200 cooked lobsters- 200 each, 40K for all
200 uncooked lobsters- 150 each, 30k for all
200 bowstrings- 100 each, 20k for all
200 coal- 100 each, 20k for all
200 big bones- 200 each, 40k for all
fire battlestaff- make an offer
10 uncut emeralds- 1k each, 10k for all
200 maples- 100 each, 20k for all
1k fire runes- make an offer
200 nature runes- 300 each, 60k for all
nature talisman- 15k
rune dagger- make an offer
bronze boots- make an offer
iron boots- make an offer
10 uncut sapphires- 500 each, 5k for all
3 blue dragon hides- 1k each, 3k for all

If any of these prices are unfair, please make a counteroffer by posting in this topic

nature talisman is only worth 1k

ill take the nats

I want the big bones!

i’ll take all the coal and sapphires. RSN: alx11636

u still selling nats?

Ill take the 200big bones for 45k

RS: KinkyKowboy

PM me or wisper me if u decide to sell :slight_smile:

when can i buy the nats?