Decent Bank sale

I’m having a bank sale, decent, in my opinion. I am selling the following items, make an offer for price if you are interested:

Highwayman Mask (1x)
White Beret (1x)
Red Headband (1x)
Rune Large (1x)
Steel Large (1x)
Steel Plate (1x)
Steel Legs (1x)
Steel Scimitar (1x)
Steel Kite (1x)
Shade Robe Bottoms (4x)
Dragonhide Body- Green (1x)
Dragonhide Chaps- Green (2x)
Dragonhide vambraces- Green (1x)
Dragonhide Chaps- Blue (1x)
Dragonhide Vambraces- Blue (2x)
Cosmic Talisman (2x)
Chaos Talisman (1x)
Nature Talisman (1x)
Rune Longsword (1x)
Iron Arrow (487x)
Air Rune (1000x)
Fire Rune (400x)
Death Rune (47x)
Cosmic Rune (100x)

Ill buy the lobs 150 each im on right now pm me on sagoz.

how much for a nat tally?

15k… But Im making dinner right now so I can’t get on at this minute.

how much for a shade bottom? im bad at offering… :oops:

hmm i might buy 1

shade bottom is 5k…

ill buy all the gems and all the chaos

Add Bloodyshado and message me in game. Im on now.

Cut Sapphire (18x)
Cut Emerald (6x)
Cut Ruby (2x)
Yew Logs (10x)
Maple Logs (55x)
Unidentified Herb- Above Rannar (16x

Ill buy all of these.

how much for full green dragonhide?


highwayman mask? do i need to be a member to wear? if not i will buy.
is rune full helm ok?

Amulet of Power=Mine.

yes you need to be a member

casey, add me on rs…

How much for a prayer and anti dragon breath potion? My rs name is cbvicktory. :smiley:

anti fires… are they (3) or (4) and how much each each? please pm me the anwer as i will forget to check this again

How much for a highwayman mask?

Sry, all prayer potions andantifire’s were 3 dose and sold to icedearth (for 540k!)

The highwayman mask is 50k