Decent Sale -- F2P + P2P

It’s decent size. I appreciate, only money please. If you feel like you don’t have enough cash and you want to buy a lot, talk to me and tell me what you “offer” as in items.

[i]The herb, 8, are ranarr.

Half of key, is loop.

Rings are dueling rings(8).

Logs are yew.

Bones, are dragon.[/i]

I usually don’t do this cause I hate when people do it, double post/bump.

But im also now selling d battleaxe, d mace, and also d long.
I sold all the hides but I really wanna sell those bones.

TY ~ Lutenist

ill buy all nats 300 each
RSN: noobs ranger

OK I gtg out for my bros. graduation. Be back later tonight. Ill save em.

Oooo, Ice wants hides and gems. I’ll talk to you in game later about them.

hey bro i live in naples florida wasssup

ill pay u 225 for each bone

ill take all the runes and bones name a price

I’ll buy the diamonds 4k each if u want… pm me to sell since I’m rarely on rsr anymore

buy all your bones!!! just tell we price

I’ll buy the D bones!