Demon Legion

I know im new to this board. But im very active.

I made a new clan called Demon Legion. This clan is new and at this point has 2 members. It’s just starting. It has some leadership opprtunity open.


Hi im Raminator and i have lead Crimson Vipers. I quit becuse the co-leader was not active enough. So i formed Demon Legion


Demon Legion is a new clan. But i have experence with clans and making boards. Give me a chance and i promise you’ll begain to like it after it gets going.


You must be level 55+ to join and mist be active on both the boards and on Runscape. If you cant meet 55+ combat maybe you can meet a total level of 500+? :cool:

If this sounds good then follow this link. Remeber there are leadership oppertunitys open

I’ll join when I get 55 magic on my new account. It will probably be 59 before i really want to pk at all.

ill join my rs name is dmx.050 i have lv 53 range and my combat lv is 58 i have 49 str atk and def and i make money well im lv 65 wc look me up on high scores to see more !

btw my total i someware around 650

you there ?

don’t triple post and i think you have a friendly war with g.o.g.(me!) this saturday right?

hello im bomb digety1 or “bomb” and i want to join your clan as i have been recently kicked out by the otter and i want revenge on the “OC” even though i am only combat lvle35 i have a fairly good mage and range lvle so look me up

bomb digety1

Both of you are more the welcome to join. Sorry it took so long. I had a lot to do this weekend