~ Demonic Dynasty is now Recruiting ~

Demonic Dynasty is a fairly new clan that is growing stronger with more members alarmingly fast!

We have tons of events. Such as pk trips, fire fests, training parties, drop parties, beer fests, dinner parties, wilderness raids (walk around wild with monk robes for fun) ect.


  • 35 combat

  • or -

  • 40 mage or range.

Requirements will raise in the future.

Lol, good luck to everyone, hope to see a lot of members!!!

Clan Ranks

Commander -
Ruler of all

General -
Head Counil, co-leader

Lieutenant General - Orange
Pk General

Major General -
Senior clan member.

Brigadier General -
Event Coordinator - Legendary Events

Colonel -
Promotion from Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel -
Promotion from Major

Major -
Promotion from Captain

Captain -
Promotion from Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major -
100 posts

Private -
Active Member

New Recruit -
New member

Clan Forum Site -

First 3 members to join get to be generals of the clan.

Leader of Demonic Dynasty,
Over ride 69

i will join.

heres my stats: combat:61

my rs name is vamp271. I really like being a ranger but i bring along tele runes and a black dagger §. i poison them along the way and then when the start fighting me i take out my…my…throwing knives to finish the job…lol

so can i join?

Plz go to the site and register and post an application under new recruits answering the questions and ill get back to you later.

ok(blahblah)post too short

Its ok just post a topic on the site!