Demonic Souls recruiting (ranks open too)

Come join Clan Demonic Souls!

We are a very active clan. We are new though but we are good. We have a p2p regiment. And we have a f2p regiment. I am the founder and main leader of this clan.
We will do many fun events when we have more people. Here are some of the events we will be doing.

Events to be held:

  1. Pking Trips
    • Castle War trips *
  2. Trainning trips
  3. Drop parties (not to often, mostly holidays)
    • GDT (greater demon trips) *
  4. Fishing events
  5. Woodcutting events
    • Dueling areana trips (duel against each other) *

The ones with the * on both sides of them are p2p only. We are coming up with more fun things to do as we speek. We only have 3 people at the moment because we started it yesterday. We have been focusing on the forums. But now we are focusing on getting members. Here are ranks that need to be filled.

Ranks To Be Filled:

  1. Mods that can work with css and make a awesome skin for the forums.
  2. Recruiters
  3. Generals
  4. Organisors
  5. Dis-organisors
  6. f2p member
  7. p2p members
  8. Someone that can make a site for us (not on freewebs)
  9. Plan mods to mod the forums. (keep it spam free)

Those are the things we need now. Here are the ranks for the people we do have.


F2p leader: Thereur lvl81 (me and i am root admin and main leader)
P2p leader: Runeram lvl72 (second in command)
Co-leader: Shadowkin8 lvl76 (twilight on the forums)

Now for the requirements. Here they are…


65+ combat
or 50+ magic
or 50+ ranging
2 non combat skills above lvl50

Must have one of the combat skills requirements and the 2 skills over lvl50 is manditory…

Other Requirements:

F2p or P2p
Must be active on the forums (once in the clan)
Should be USA EST based time.
need red cape

There thats also all in the joinning forums at the forums it’s a sticky. To join go to the forums in this link HERE (link) then go to the forum called joinning and post what requiments you will be doing. Then wait for a leader or co-leader to respond. He will say to register if you can join then do that and we will validate you right away. go to the forums which is this link HERE (link)And register and we will validate you right away! Oh and you can also post here lol.
and our forums are huge!
Thank you,
Shadowkin8 f2p co-leader of clan demonic souls. (the site)