Desert Treasure...COMPLETE!

Woot! Completed!


Immensly and utterly helped by Mrparris ‘It’s in the name’ (He told me to put this…)

Congratz again mate :wink:

Wow, that quest was really hard.

Did you get any help from anyone during it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~ ewok

Congratz…How long did it take you?

congratz! how hard do u think the quest was?

About 3 hours.

And the quest wasn’t too hard, except the last boss, Damis. He was crazy. I used only 7 prayer pots on him though…


What’s your Combat lvl? I want to do it sometime.

^only 7 hun??
u call that only???
i guess if i tried it’d take me like 20…


And yes only 7.


nice work :wink: was it fun??

Define “fun”.


I want to do that quest. It r0x my s0x :slight_smile: Congrats on beating it…

Have any advice for me >?

Lol, my friend did it in a few days at level… 56 I think. He completely pwned it. Congrats though, but at your level it’s no big thing really. All you need to do is use fire blast on the ice guy and he becomes incredibly weak to any fire spell.

Wow, Nice Job.

isnt that the hardest quest?

Uhh…never give up ;).

And Wyatt…He’s a probably a pure. I’m not. Plus it is kind of hard…Try killing the last boss, Damis. I’d like to see you live.


What is your mage level? Cuz now ur an ancient mage you will get taken by any clan. Clans love ancient mages.

good job man! i love ancet magix the own

Congrats on finishing the quest mate, wow you’ve done alot of em :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job beating it! I remember when I finished I was like thank god its finally over lol! It took me like 4 hours…