Desert Treasure

ok im just wondering how the hell. i kill kamis (the ice guy) i cant kill him cause bye the time i get to him i have around 4 or 5 sharks… and he just freezes me tilll im out of food and i die? any tips?

Combat lvl.62:pessimist help pls.

lol get a friend to block for you, then just range kamil across and eat when needed.

^if that doesnt help then i dont know what to do because i did this with prayer and defence ftw :smiley:

how hard is it? just walk through the trolls and wolves with meele protect on

malo is you would have been paying attension i have 28 pray (29 know) please read b4 you post.

just mage him hes against a weak mage skill check it helps alot

Have a high lvl friend help you kill the trolls. Then just range him, I only used 1 shark.

actually it was hard even for my level… he uses mage and melee… you cant use both protection prayers anyway…Use fire magic… that prooves to be helpful.