Devil May Cry 5 - another cover...

And again!

And whom said devil may cry was a good idea?..

You did, thanks Grp :slight_smile:

But what you have done is amazing you know my rating :stuck_out_tongue:

'Course I do - 9/10 :slight_smile:
Oh… and phone me!

But im on the phone to you?

Lol now you are!

I am? OMG i am! eh eh…

I want to call you!

Yeah that would put a big red mark on your phone bill… hes from england.

Me likes Englanders…I’m a noob Englander, I’m from New England. :wink:

Nice cover!

Ahh but New England isn’t the true England is it? :veryhappy

England is great, i never bin to America. The only problem over here is the rain!!! p.s. nice cover!

England is pretty sweet since my dad was born and raised there. p.s. nice fake 8/10

you should just make a big gallery of these covers, lol

~:crazy: spartan

wow niice 9/10!

I will, when I have the time.

Nice. But why would a woman be on the cover and not dante?


Sorry about that, I’m addicted to Devil May Cry.

10/10 Jolio!!!

9/10 I want to phone Jolio looks up in english phone book wait… whats his name?!?