Diablo Realm!

Blizzard Realm is UNDERWAY! Titanheart and I are creating the website at the moment so I request for some guides to be made! Any Warcraft, WoW, or Diablo Guides should be PMed to their respective owner. Warcraft and WoW guides go to Titan and Diablo guides should come to me. We are working on integrating Blizzard Realm with the forums, like RunescapeRealm used to be with PhP, so if you have guides send them in! I already have a few guides done myself so SEND THEM IN!

I do not play any of these, but I may in the future. I am happy to see we’re finally getting a new section of Gamerz Realm! Good luck with the site!

never played diable :blush:

I’ve played Diablo II, its awesome :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work.
sickmate 8)