Diamonds!! rate the new sig!!

its to match my avvy! if anyone wants it ill sell it to them…
the red is a bit too bright soo ill probobly change it

Its okay…

It looks good and i like the shadows
A bit boring…

Overall: probaly 7/10

It’s ok, but I suggest a bit lighter colours.
sickmate 8)

i re-did it, its a bit darker but i like this one better

Looks better if it matched avvy colors.

i tried too…but i forgot what colors i used and what i did lol

ima noob, how do u do the slanted text

^^ FreeTransform it.

where is that button?

i dont like it, sorry :frowning:

i use psp…after you make the text theres a little arrow thing near the midde and you just move it…kinda hard to explain

I like your avvy haha.

Edit>Transform>Free Transform :smiley:

Or ctrl T. That always works. :smiley:

thank you!!!