Diary Of A Mage Pure

I started this account 1 hour ago, i did the Imp Catcher and got 7 magic and 6 combat, now i used confuse till 10 mage. Im now 7 combat. Heres my pics.

Note I will be updating this every 10 magic levels all the way to 60.

:talktothe :smiley: :hyper: :talktothe :eek: oooooo cool i used my other lvl 25 acc at lvl 6 to go pking but now lvl 25 with 38 mage

Ha R R Y…lol nice. but keep at it and u might have something. if u become a member do quests that help Magic in EXP

Hes getting members at 60 magic, Harry is my name.

u could pk with me im lvl 18 with pure strenght you can catch up quickly


all u need is lvl 13 mage and u could own so many noobs lol…

wow nice, how many pures do you have?

Heh, good job, my mage is 61 magic and 43 prayer :slight_smile:

keep it up man!

If you made a chick character to get a date… Good luck with the name harry…,

Rofl says you Dopey Danny :P. Its not pking till 60 Magic and people who get prayer on pures are idiots.

Edit : There are 62 girls in my village called Harry! :expressio