Did you have pie on Thanksgiving?

Did you have pie and what kind and how much? I had 3 pieces of chocolate pie =D

I have 2 pieces of pumpkin pie, and then we ran out :frowning:

yes, but that was a month ago

YES! i had some pIe! some pumpkin pIe pl0x! i had 2 pieces :D!

Yeah. =)
2 pieces of Pumpkin Pie :slight_smile:

Yeah, :ninja: Pies cool!

Hey, they are, I’m the king of them :slight_smile:

3 pieces of apple :smiley:

o ya and sidney your sig is too big(sorry for the double posting mods!)

I had 3 pieces of traditional pumpkin pie and then I had 4 pieces of my grandma’s home made nut-pumpkin pie.

I’m glad to see that my fellow RSR friends enjoy pumpkin pie just as much as me. :slight_smile:

pumpkin pie>apple pie

I hate pumpkin pie :slight_smile: to pumpkiny.

Two pieces of pumpkin pie…

There was also, apple pie but I chose not to have it…


Pumpkin pie, my grandma’s specialty :wink:

2 Peices of pumpkin pie with extra creamy whiped cream.

Pumpkin Pie :slight_smile: :yummy:

4 pieces of apple pie :slight_smile:

Aw man thats unlucky. Since we volunteered at the homeless shelter they gave us two free Pumpkin pies. :D.

I don’t like Pumpkin pie so I had like 5 slices of apple pie. It seems like alot but all I ate was the crust. The apples were too hot.

Rofl, I am the only one who said No… I hate pie.

Lol. Its hard for me to hate pie. Unless I’m me right now after I’ve eaten half a pie. (just the crust). I feel sick.