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My mom sent me this in an email a while ago. Lots of images, too.

Take that, owl!
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nope i didnt know that

Hahah, and everyone’s saying that hardly any of the founding fathers were Christians, take that! =D The proof is in the pudding, now they won’t have anything to speak of when we talk about the declaration of independence… Or… Something of the sort. This is something I’ll need to keep in mind when gloating about our founding fathers, one of which I am related to.

Which one are you related to?

To the best of my knowledge, Mario was not a Founding Father.
Still, I would like to see someone make a good comeback to this.
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George Ross, the husband of Betsy Ross, both of which I am related to. So, in a way, I’m related to the American flag.

And Mario wasn’t born back then, so hah.

wow i didn’t really noticed.

Yes, and 14 of our presidents were freemasons.

wow, if u think about it, those plp said those things about chritianity becuase christianity “ruled” the world at that time, and in a twisted sense it still does…

“It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists but by Christians, not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.- James Madison
I see founded by the virtues of the Church, not ruled by.
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you might think so… so in that case i should have said… the church had a lot of influence in the world.

The church did have a lot of influence on politics…
… in the 1300s. Not up to the 1700s.
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i know, but they still had a lot of influence, they had enough influence as to have the founding fathers say those things.

So the Church made them say those things?

Nope, the Founding Fathers did it of their own will, since most of them were pious men.
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did u mean proud?

pious is sort of very religious.

I meant pious, and it does mean religious.

Does it say anywhere in there that the Founding Fathers were controlled by the Church?
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Well, Moses’s Ten commandments in a way are what everyone should follow? except for bowing to statues. only jews follow that.

LOL… teh founding fathers did what they did.

I respect them none the less. I’m also pious, even though I should be at church

lol talk about seperation of church and state
jews belive that they should follow 10 commandments and there is a seperate set of…i forget…3 i think commadments for everyone to follow

Question: If religeous signs can be on public buildings, then can neo-nazi’s put their nazi sign on a public building to? Because in the usa you have unlimited freedom of speech, and it’s alowed to put religeous signs on buildings?