die goblin!

i must kill that goblin!

I liked the exact moment you took that screen of though… Seems like you guy is really summoning that power onto the goblin and seems like the goblin’s reacting as if it hit him on the back of his head… 8/10… Good job…

hmmm…it is ok for a second picture, i will rate it 5/10, keep practicing

i will, and im gonna be the next joliojolio!

ok you’ll never be the next joliojolio if you dont crop your images…theres a sticky about this read it please! Your pictures take up to much space without cropping. And nice timing at least you got that skill. i rate you 7/10…its better than your last

were u cheering???..but cool 6/10

i was joking! i no ill never be the next joliojolio

you might get there with practise, but you wont unless ya start cropping your images NOW!