3 seconds ago i just died and lost every kind of rune not including soul and combinations, 123 ess, and air, mind, chaos, earth, fire, water , body , and cosmic tallys and iron pl8. this sucks

What are you expecting people to say, no offense

no i’m just saing i’m upset

There would be no reason to let everyone else know that your upset! no offense!

don’t carry around that much stuff then.

dragon has a point you no

I’m sure he’s just venting his anger, sometimes it’s nice to get it out.

thanks andymc finally someone understands, it took forEVER to get all those runes
i just mined 200 ess already

lol… that has to suck, i usually just dont carry that much stuff around in dangerous places,

niether do i

i dont either, it was that once to get to the zammy guy
i didnt know what i’d need, i bet that actually was stupid , theres a bank in edgeville lol

well thats what a bank is for… put ur junk in ur bank next time then =p

wow u lost the new runes…and y do u mine ess? dont u jus buy it? not that expensive…and saves loads of time…

dafuzz i dont like ur sig pm me if u want a realone ill make free