Directed at Babies?

“z”? Why not “s”? There are PLENTY of domain alternatives, so the domain is NOT an excuse. Why? It makes the site look like it is directed at babies. Also, do NOT post in this thread if it isn’t a constructive criticism to my idea, or if it is something that is just dismissing what I have written.

Eh, what`s your deal with a “Z”

I was thinking that myself…

Gamerz just makes it sound more cutting edge for gamers out there, I think.
What do you mean by “directed at babies”?
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I mean that it’s spelled incorrectly - If you’ve ever seen adverts on television with things like “Bratz” and stuff like that… Well, I have the impression that crappy merchandise like that is directed at people too immature to know what the name “brat” means, and too immature to know that the suffix of “brat” when it is more than one is “s”, not “z”. Looks immature, that’s all.

Dont get me wrong, I agree with you, but believe it or not, things like that are more popular. Look at McDonalds or KFC - Its spelt “Drive Thru”.
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Duke never ever mispells - but he mispells in the name of his website?

EDIT: In reply to your post… In that case, the majority of the human species are idiots… :stuck_out_tongue:

Somethings name doesnt effect the quality of it, I would be the same alkenine if I changed my name to doglicker wouldnt I? I dont see the deal, the letter z makes it more appealing to gamers out there.

The name has nothing to do with the quality. We are still a great comunity. Plus, I think Gamerz looks better then Gamers.

Besides, Z’s are amazing! (Some of you will know why)

Is it because your name starts with Z, Zach? Just a though. :yummy:

I have absolutely no problem with the name Gamerz. I have to say I was taken off guard when this was introduced to me, the Gamerz. I had thought it would’ve been better if it was ‘Gamers’. If you really look at the analysis:


GamerzRealm looks better.


Spelling errors have been deemed “cool” in some(mainly younger) parts of society. And RSR has a pretty young fanbase compared to alot of other forums. That might be a reason, but probably not. I’m young too though :wink:

Yes, it is :innocent:

Heh, I wasn’t surprised. I was happy. It looks better ")

It’s patronising! Trust me, there’s nothing cool about mispelling something.

Just about every point of the disscussion so far went through my head, however it finally came down to availible domains, of which GamerzRealm was one of the few I was considering availible to buy. By all means keep going though, this is your community as much as mine, I love to heard your ideas.

but the “z” is phat, and silly, and stupid, and popin fresh! :smiley:

I think it sounds Hardcore :slight_smile:

But, HoL did think about the names I believe. Since gamersrealm was taken, this was the next best option.

You could have gotten a subdomain, there are loads available…

Not taken! See?

It is, that page was created by someone hoping some big company will come along and buy it for a few thousand dollars.

Yeah, lots of sites have been registered just so those people can sell them later.
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