dis cool

runescape should have cars

err this is set in medieval times. no cars till the l8 1800’s

this is the stupidest and most idiodic idea yet :x

don’t be mean about it i sed 1ce put mbiles in it. just drop it

Your writing is hard to understand. “i sed 1ce put mbiles in it.” What does that mean?

You better hope that wasn’t some insult towards me, cause if it was, you are in trouble tesni.

Cars wouldn’t work because they have nothing to do with medieval times or this type of game.


This is what i think he means: don’t be mean about it i sed 1ce put mbiles in it. just drop it. Don’t be mean about it. I said once to put mobile phones in runescape. Just drop it. Is that what you meant?

Nah rs needs toasters.

wat r u, stupid? Who needs toasters when it needs the whole oven!

wait, theres cooking ranges…

Um…We need ice cream scoops. And they need to be wieldable. And you can be like “I got a rune ice cream scoop! en garde!” and theyre like oh, its just an ice cream scoops but then you hit them and BAM! 98.

noobs, it needs laightsabers

Great, now how the hell did starwars get involved, LOL.

what’s wrong with lightsabers? ThEY"RE AWESOME! AWESOME!

-_-;;; I would have said “No, it needs mega busters or of relative weapons to that” but then again I see that there is no need… Anyways, cars? You know how much traffic there’d be if cars were introduced to RS? Plus, the paths aren’t really suited for automobiles… And yeah RS is mostly medieval themed so it doesn’t really need anything else more modern since Jagex was nice enough to implement cooking ranges and a (Well, to me) modern looking furnace…

That is a bad idea, it is set in the middle ages, not modern day lol. “Buying mustang 3 mil!!!” lol…

would they run over people? lol