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I do avatars and signatures. Just fill out this form and you will get your avatar and sig In the next day guaranteed unless i post otherwise because I am on vacation or something. You can also get matching Avatars and Signatures.

Signature Form

Render (if you want must be cut):
Style (abstract or grunge please):

Avatar Form

Render: (if you want must be cut):
style: (abstract or grunge):


More to come!

Render (if you want must be cut): http://www.iphotoshop.org/renders/index.php?action=showpic&cat=3&pic=1488
Style (abstract or grunge please): Abstract
Text: Dama

EDIT: You almost done?


Like It?

Render (if you want must be cut):http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/6972/sonic20ti0vo.png
Style (abstract or grunge please):Abstract
subtext:Master of the dark below in small text red font black outline

Okay Krishna coming up.

Avatar Form

Render: (if you want must be cut): none
style: (abstract or grunge): abstract
Subtext: none

Heres Krishes.


And runescapeguy’s


Could you add my name on the first one (Example)? It’s got a ST. Andrew’s cross.
I’d appreciate it.

Here you go minikiltman.


Type of Art: Avvy and sig
Style of Art: Abstract/Grunge
Render: http://www.clantemplates.com/renders/gallery/details.php?image_id=1096
Colors: Light Blue
Text: Arcdemons1
Sub-Text (Optional): RSR’s First GW Player
Donation (Optional):

That isn’t my form… also the link doesn’t work.

Avatar Form

Render: (if you want must be cut): http://www.thedesignworld.com/images/render/a1/4/render-a1-4-1447.jpg
style: (abstract or grunge): abstract
Text:Declan Greal

this render isnt cut i can’t do it sry.

k. ty!!!

i can’t do it render isn’t cut

oh well…

Sry Declan I couldn’t use that render but I got one for you:


Thanks Dama. Appreciate it.

I’m not Dama I’m his neighbor. And anytime MKM call me Dama V2.0

Oh, I see…Sorry about that, I got mixed up.
Would you possibly make me a matching Avatar?