Dming lvls 65 and under

Rules are:

No running from the fight
No teleport
No protect prayers (includes protect item)
Melee only

Wear only robes (any kind you want) and rune weapon(s). Strength potions and prayers other than protect prayers ARE allowed… Can’t seem to think of anything else.

Oh yeah I am level 61. Post here or pm me on the forums.

you said ur combat 61 but what are your stats and name and p2p or f2p? stats?

Il do it, well not if your a F2P pure, then I will do it as a normall P2P fight in P2P.


Yeah whats ur rs name…

If you fight a level 67 I’ll do that- maybe a lob or two down? ^^

Seloroth have you added me yet?

Oh… right. Yes I am pure. F2p Stats are 46 attack 75 strength 1 defence and 65 hitpoints… Seroloth I guess I’l fight you. Pm me ingame.

I’m Aznoriginal

You forgot to say you were 43 prayer. ROFL.

I dont trust that you wouldnt pray. Why would you get 43 pray if you wernt gonna use it?

All I have to say is, prepare to be owned. O: add sero_o_wned I’ll add you next time I’m on. (Leet, I think I’ve talked to you since you posted that.)

Hodgeheg- Not all people who have prayer use it cheaply. I use prayer on people who team me or pray, or when I’m caught at low food and not pking.

Seroloth- Ok, I really don’t mind losing. I just dont like people running away

cuz you do more than dm?

my lvl is 62 and i want to know how can i get alot of money for my bank and i want to buy a full rune man

can any one say some thing please!!!

???any one there ???