dming pures

ok im dming any lvl 44-46pures or…on my new pure
any 20-22pures
any1 who will dm plz leave ur name,time and world for dm (must be f2p)
rules are:
20lobs each
no running
no praying
no teleing
u can run if ur attacked by a monster as long as u come back to finish the fight

Michael told me hed be willing to kick your ass.

You know his user right? R4ng3r27

Btw, im coming to video it :stuck_out_tongue:

ok whens he want me to own him
and tell him melee fite

Ill melle fight

combat 45

ok when and where?
and burnzie i was owning ur bf he had like 10 lobs left i had 15 then a skele attacked me so i ran and then come back and hes like yer i win over defualt u ran but dats was so i wud’nt die…
new rule u can run from a monster as long as u come back and finish the fight

You ran? you ran, from him!?

Pfft, who won then?

we dunno i said lets carry on dm he was like u ran but i only ran becuz skele was hitin ldz of 6’s on me it took away 2 of my lobs…
anyway ask him how many lobs he had left? cus i had 15 left and i know e used bout 10

I’ll dm you, in 10 minutes we meet at edgeville bank.

Add zak alucard and dapmpkinking then we meet eachother at edge.

Is world 9 good?

I assume your on world 40, like you always are?

ok…be quick cus i gota go in 30 mins and wot lvl is it?
and im in world 3 actualy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah well go on an empty world so i can film it.

gets out hypercam

You gonna fight me?

world nine is members, hes f2p :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh im f2p atm and can we fight 2moro in exactly 20 hours and 12 mins from now

what about pked … :’(