do know if this goes here

ok i dont knwo if this goes here or not but here goes ok if you see a player in runescape named ghostranger3 or ghost ranger or ghost ranger2 dont trust him he is a hacker and scammer he hacked my account and took everything i lost 250K already and he tried to charge me 100K for it back and like a dumb a** i took it and he did not give back account the account name is magic boy404 that is mine the one he took so if you see either of them do not take any thing from them unless you are ripping them off so i dont know what to do now because i want the account it was combat level 57 so i want it back what should i do please give me some ideas on what to do

how exactly did he scam you?

how exactly did he scam you?

Well apparently… It seems like he was hacked… Sorry to hear that though…

yes i was hacked when i saw him on as me i asked what the hell he was doing then he said he wanted 100K for my account back and i gave it to him and he wanted another 100k and i dont have that much on hand then i asked how he got my pass he said he used my pass recovery question but i dont have one so he had to have hacked and then he said he hacked me and my pass was so easy it is only a 6 digit pass so now i changed all my passwords on my other accounts

i was asking how he got scammed… and he still didnt answer… howd u lose ur account in the first place

ok here it is in simple terms i tried to log in when i woke up then it would not log in so i logged as muk17 and i saw someone else was logged as my other account magic boy404 and i asked who they where they said i had to pay for my account back i did and he ripped me so he got me by random i guess or i was a target i dont know

im sorry to say this, but you were probably stupid enough to download an autominer or you gave out your pass. Most of the time when people get hacked, thats what happens

no ok i did not download any auto miners because he would have had the pass to all my accounts if that is how he did it and i did not give out pass i dotn tell anyone

was your pass something simple like the same as your username or something like runescape? Because if it was then most people just guess passwords like that

when i was a noob i was stupid enuf to fall for "Jagex bloks ur pass! see?******


ha lol i never saw that one before or herd of it but no he said it was simple but it was 6 digit my brothers birth day

ha lol i never saw that one before or herd of it but no he said it was simple but it was 6 digit my brothers birth day

Either you know this guy personally or your bro’s birthday digit was something like 010101 or something really easy to figure out… Again, like I said, if you know this guy personally then you can always physically deal it out with him as long as you don’t cripple him or kill him or whatever… Yeah, if your bro’s 6 digit birthday was acutally something that no one would figure out unless they knew you and your bro personally, then well… I’m sorry… Try making your pass something complicated or a long word that you only use… Then they’ll never figure it out… Also, make sure it’s something you will remember… I know my pass like the back of my hand… It’s a phrase that I only use… I don’t know of anyone who uses it besides me… So I’m pretty sure no one will figure it out… But I’ll change it next year or so just incase…

Yea, if this happens again he did something with your recovery questions. This makes it unable to change your password. my friend just had to start a new account. :cry: