Do[NOT] Make Fletching f2p

Here’s why fletching is not f2p:

Think about this… People say that mages can make their own runes and warriors can make their own armor. Here’s the thing. Warriors need 99 smithing and at LEAST 85 mining to make their own armor. (Full rune) Any less, and they get OWNED. And think about this… Mages can make their own runes, but the only attack runes they can make are MIND RUNES!!! No self-respecting mage would try to kill people with FIRE STRIKE. So it’s really not possoble for mages to make decent runes and warriors to make decent armor. I know people are going to disagree with me, but i’m sure mods will be able to comtemplate this lol. :roll: Post your thoughts and comments, please!

and… whats ur point?

Lots of peeps were saying that fletching should be f2p. I’m explaining why it shouldn’t be.

You know Jagex can always put a limitation on fletching if it ever becomes a f2p skill? Like maybe Jagex will only allow up to iron or steel arrows and up to oak longbows… Kinda like runecrafting… You can only make up to body runes… I highly doubt Jagex will go through making fletching an f2p skill but if they do, I am pretty sure they’ll put a limitation on it… Like the only thing f2p players can make will be what they can already wield in battle in f2p… Up to steel arrows and up to oak longbows… You’re just assuming if they make fletching f2p, then they’ll allow f2p people to make everything that you can with fletching… Plus I don’t think Jagex will have the patience to put the source of flax on an area of f2p anyways… So don’t worry about fletching coming to f2p anytime soon…

Why dont u make it so u can theif in f2p too? oR how about herblaw…or maybe even let f2p raise agility to lvl 20!? Geez u crazy people get members!

I’m personally not asking for any current members skills to become f2p… I frankly don’t care about fletching, herbalore, thieving, and agility… I’m fine without them but I’m just explaining to all_i_need that the people who ask for fletching just want the entire skill… I too believe that giving fletching is just pointless because you should become a member if you really want to fletch but I’m just saying if Jagex ever does give fletching over to the f2p’ers, like me, then they’d probably do it in moderation… I wouldn’t see why f2p’ers would really need herbalore or agility… Maybe thieving for those who are poor… But I, myself, wouldn’t really have a use for it… Just a skill to level up on to get into hiscores and that’s it…

These skills are meant to draw people to members! There is no way they will ever become f2p! Fletchin is the main skill in members and draws many people to members!

Fletching, as said above, is the best skill in members, however you can have herblore :wink:

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