Do You Believe In Absolute Truth?

Something that is entirely undoubtedly true, 100%? as in like God Created the world or Evolution took place or whatever? Post here …

Uhm I don’t think that anything can be 100% true :),exspecially that God created the world…,you can always get in an discussion and both can be right…

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

Well, in my opinion, I think my religon is true, and the one that is right!

lol I know that there are so many theories which disapprove that…

If you look at basic things, yes.

My name is Daniel. 100%.

But if you’re looking at things like “God created the world”, you can’t know for sure. Not now at least.

I’m talking in anything, the god created the world was just an example, so killakot, do you believe that there is no absolute truth?

Are you sure your name is Daniel? or is it possible that you had a different name? or that you dont have a name at all, and Daniel is just a word?

I am 100% sure that I am typing right now, and I am 100% sure that I’m using a keyboard :P.

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I’m 100% sure I’ve got school tommorow :(, and I’m 100% sure I’m gonna drag myself out of bed in 8 and a half hours. I know what you’re thinking, what if you’re sick or something? Well, I’d get out of bed and go to school just the same to prove absolute truth :stuck_out_tongue:

As for, I’m 100% sure that I’m playing a Bob Marley CD, and when I get up and watch the news tommorow, Declan Curry will have gained about 10lbs since yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

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what about as far as a theory on how the earth was created?

I, also think that my religion’s beliefs are the true and right ones.


Well, those kinds of theories are harder, but like God Chaser (Daniel) said, some simple things are 100% true, like I like games or my name is Ilia Mazin and my parents hate me.

Y’all are cheating, answer the question of Origin of the Earth

I believe that God created the world. I mean, the Evolution Theory has many facts supporting it, but I’m a christian. God created monkeys in a way that they seem very similar to us.

the earth was created by the big bang and soon it will be destroyed by the euh…

and yes, I believe that nothing is 100% true
:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

It is 100% true that we will all die eventually

Are you absolutely sure about that?

lol like Xgod’s right…lets say, I have 5 fingers on my left hand. 100% true…if ur talking about religion then thats just belief. so its ur opinion wether u believe its 100% true or not

no there is no absolute truth, u canot prove anything is 100% true
and the guy who said that i am 100% sure that i am typing, no u not, what about if you are dreaming, what if your all life is just a dream and u will woke up? can u prove it isn’t a dream?
same argument with mr. parris

can u prove that we aren’t controlled by the machines( we are in a matrix)?
i highly doupt that

same thing wth choasnoob, u are an alian(don’t have 5 fingers) and dreaming about humans? prove that what i am saying is wrong

I’m 100% sure Sela spams! Lol joking, she hasn’t spammed for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 100% sure Sela will get mad at me now :frowning:

I’m 100% sure that Chaosnoob likes my sig :stuck_out_tongue:

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sigh you dont get it

If you believe for sure there is no absolute truth then that is an absolute truth for you and you just disproved yoruself