Do you have a Myspace?

I do! But I’m not givin the link :no:. Maybe if enough people want it I will…Vote on the poll and post the link if ya want.

Yes. But you can’t have it! Muahahahahahah!

uhhhh…whats myspace? its like a place where you put stuff about yourself, see the Missmyspace thread for an example.

Add a option about mine getting deleted =(

My sis has a MySpace and she showed me how to work it and stuff (she says that if i want one, i could get one)

but i dont really want one because not many 13 yearolds have it. (u have to be 16 but ppl just lie about their age if they r too young)

I have a myspace. Only since my friends have it otherwise nope.

Plus, its a good way to flirt :wink: =O

No… my friends says she’s 15 =-)

Lol, like it’s so dumb for example to view cetain websites, it says are you over 18? You can be 7 and all you have to do is click a mouse on the “Yes” thing.

bassicly like the poll says “No and i dont want 1”

Yes, but I don’t use it.