do you know me?

post here if you know me or have seen me walking around in runescape. I just want to know if i am known in the world of runescape and not just here. I dont want to be like some normal person i want to be like zezima or someone like that someone that is known on runescape for their accomplishments. Im actually working on getting full dragon:). I dont have the money to buy it right now but i am going ot get helmet from black demons as oon as i can. So ya please post here if you know me on the game as sorta famous.

um i didnt even know you here lol…

man that makes me feel very sad. IM CRYING RIGHT NOW FOR REALS. lol not really. but i should be.

srry never heard of u…not even on rsr

Nope… I’ve never heard about you before, sorry. But I’ll try to spot you when i next go on. :smiley: :smiley:

sry, but i’ve never heard of u or seen u on rs either.

Who are you again? Lol sorry never heard of you or seen you.

i know u lol

I’ve never heard of you before either… Not in Runescape or RSR.

lol shut up dao i know u know me. I am very sad that no one knows me :frowning:

I know you from RSR but I’ve never seen you on RS… But then again, I don’t play that much often anymore so my opinion really shouldn’t matter…