do you like new wildy?

I do :slight_smile:

Is it new? Bleh, learn something new every day :smiley:

I like it, only saw 2 pics but meh…

From those 2 pics yeah. Never new it was updated!

me neither…looks pretty cool though

I think it looks tacky o.0 it’s ok though i guess.

All that has change is its darker…



its cool more fraky#1

its pretty cool…but im not looking for beatiful views when im pking…

lol if you didnt know this update go to and fill in the promts, wait!!! dont press that link phew! lol go and go to first update k?

very funny… :grumpy:

cool pics but i never go to wildy so its new too me

it looks kind of confusing i dont know if i like it or not yet

THat new wilderness is so awsome !!!

From those two pictures hell yeah! Never new it was updated! Looks more detailed in the lava.:thumbsup:

yeaz, that lava looks sick. Im gonna go check it out now

The lava looks really… err… yellow! :smiley:
It seems to be improved a bit. :smiley:

so all that changed f2p…is the landscape ?

it’s darker and deadlyer :slight_smile: