Do you like sausages?

Do you like sausages? I do =)

Yesh pleaz

Spammy polls pl0x?


Joins in sausage group ^^

yeah there ace!

yes i do mcclaren.(btw, you pmed in rs for no reason lol)

Stop… Stop it now!

I just wanted to say hi =) Im i not aloud to do that?

It is not spam…It’s sausage ;). And I like mine with eggs… :melting:

Can’t stand 'em… <_<

The threads? Never!

Sausage owns your butt! o.0

Sausage Lov3r 4 lyphe! I need to make a barsig!

i find suasage quite ummmmmmm quite tasty :slight_smile:

Heres the barsig I promised :slight_smile:

I wuv da sausages! YAY! I love them wif bacon and syrup. YUM!

Sausage owns everytime! I like it with spaghetti.

Sausage! Sausage! Weee! Saussage!

cant wait for ma brekky now, sausage egg bacon, not syrup though lol

Just give it a rest guys…