do you mind

i had to put on private chat because im planning on joining a clan and i have to keep it on incase some of the members want to take me pking to get to know me better.

and alot of people from rsr are pming me and its getting really annoying so could you all please stop?

if its only a few, you can put them on ignore.
sickmate 8)

Just ignore em.

the problem is i dont know every one from rsr so it might be some one from the clan

well the people who say their in ure clan ask what clan it is.
Surely only u and the people who r inclan know?
Hope that helps.

Lol, the effects of famousity.

Seriously guys, chill. Just because blink is rich and the strongest person on rsr doesnt mean you should talk to her non stop. Please respect her alright? I suggest you DONT get on her bad side (Lets just say…if your a member, I’d stay out of the wildy for a while)

Edit: Sorry, forgot blink was a she. Fixed
Hmm…her pretty much does everything. You use his for possesion and him as a pronoun, but her fits both!

Actually, blink is a she. That must be really annoying having all these pms all over your screen. I suggest that you don’t post your username on here anymore, so that way no more noobs know your user.

yeah it must suck when ur a high lvl with low lvls bugging you all the time…

Hey Blink…I might pm you to congragulate (cant spell) you on another range lvl…but I won’t be like “Omg Blink!! your lyke so totelly 1337! wewtness!” ill just be like “Gratz on 88 range!”

I guess I’m on your good side, seeing as you didnt kill me when I went to pick up that 20k :wink: lol…

Heh, When I’m number one some day i wont like it :?

I’ve never pm’ed you. You’re too “high up” for me to mingle with you. I wouldn’t really notice any difference in the chat being on or off.

i only had 4 people on my ignore list this morning now i got 25

Heck I can solve this problem, just gimme all your money, abysal whip, and red party hat and I’ll get everyone to bug me instead :stuck_out_tongue:

oh dang… I almost pmed you to say hi… i almost got ignored!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Man, sorry to hear that you’re being bombarded with PM’s… But yeah, it really must suck to be a high level that is asked for stuff and such… Man, I’m glad no one ever PM’s me about free stuff… No offense to anyone… I hope this problem is resolved sooner or later…

Sith, I insist you do not get bugged.
I will take the hit, and the whip and stuff.
Hehe. :lol:

uummm…right lol oh btw way can u post what the whip looks like or if u have can some1 gimme the link plz and also blink if im being annoying in this post like you were just explaining.
i dont even have u on my friends list lol not that i dont like u or anything but…ya so any way some1 plz post the pic

may i have your autograph mister?