Do you report people?

Do you report everybody who breaks a rule? even friends? I do. Unless their rl friends. I reported this one guy named gweny34 4 times =S

not really, unless they get very annoying. but usually if it doesnt bother me i dont really care for it.

if i know some1 good enough then i wont report other then that i will

I report people if they’re my best friend in the universe…

i do, i wanna eep the game clean, and you spelt of course wrong
you spelt it cource :wink:

I report like 2 people a day. Stupid noobs.

yes i report, i do report friends unless ther close…

Yes, no matter what. Breaking a rule is a rule :S. I am cruel.

I wouldnt want a friend if they break rules lol…

Wow started 2 minutes ago and look at all the replys =)
And i cant believe i spelled of course wrong!

I report ppl all the time… but they hardly ever get anything happening to them.

u fergot 1 choice… it should say… “only people that u hate” =)…

lol bryan, why u a playa h8er? lol
anyway i report people that break rules, if it is a friend who doesnt know they are breaking rules i cut them some slack, but if they know it then i report them

sometimes for like item scamming etc

I make them say sorry, and if they don’t, I report them. Bad people can turn good. :slight_smile:

I report people who say stuff like “OmZG jagex dunt let yu type yur pass see ********!”. Dey cant even lern de gramer. :smiley:

When report someone them on friends and tell them sorry i reported you for _____________ And sometimes they cuss at you… then you can report them for offensive language

i report everyone except for ppl i go to school with

1 time i reported someone 11 times in a row becuz he was scamming everyone i also got everyone in seers bank to report him so he got banned

Ive reported a few, I now think reporting is sissy like.

If I see someone cursing and its my friends, I know I wont. Especially, in real life.

But, if I see anyone curse for no reason directed towards me or anyone else…