do you support a charity?

do you support a charity? cancer, give blood, help the aged, oxfan etc.

do you support anyone like that???
the world is full of poverty, and we shall one day perish this word ‘poverty’. it shouldn’t happen, and we will not let it continue!

charities shouldn’t have to ask for donations, people should just give out of the kindness of there hearts, and i just want to see, who is kind? who gives some of what they have, to someone who has nothing, no parents, no home, no love…

I’ve shown my support by making u sigs for 2 charities n causes…

yeah thanks man i really like the sigs, thanks for them!!!

I give my blood 2 times a year since last year, and i plan on doing it till i die
My family is a MAJOR contributor to those clothing drive charities, we buy way to much clothe, so instead of yard sales and crap like that, we just give our clothe that we dont want to the needy

I worked in the soup kitchen once, never agian :slight_smile: but it was worth the experience though

in the future when i start making the big bucks ill be giving 5% of my money to Cancer reasearch as well as an additional 5% to AIDS research, thats about $5,000 to each a year once i reach the $100,000 range

that is good, but if you did earn $100,000, would you really considently carry on giving?

i was raised that way, im very selfless when it comes to money =\ thats why im so broke xD however my new job at sears is getting m,e $300 every other month, so i can finnaly get some money to do things. and yes i will carry on giving charity no matter how rich i am, but when im low on money i dont, because i dont have a surplus, i will however still do the blood drive twice a year which is a good charity alone

i suppor cancer reasearch!

Yea i would like to support a foundation…but could u honestly say that if u had 1million dollars in real life, then youd give it away to ppl u dont even know?

10% of your income isnt 1 million dollars, and 10% of 1 million is 100,000 and seeing how im probally gonna get cancer around the age of 70 and gonna live a horrible life without dieng ( grandpa is on his 14th year of cancer, his lungs exploded several times and hes still alive ) im gonna want a cure by then :slight_smile: may seem selfish, yes, but its not so much selfish if you think of the millions of other who will also be benifiting

i give blood as well i’ve done it twice so far, and got a free calender and key ring out of it :). But its the saving lifes that counts :wink:

plus the cookies and juice they give you never hurts :smiley:

lol dont tell them that, there all going to give blood now and we get less cookies

if you give to charity your kind, but i do think that saving peoples lives is more important then cookies and juice.
and i suppose you could see giving to charity as giving to people you don’t even though, but the thought of you seeing someone who has benefited from your money, would put a smile on your face.

u can give me money and i’ll have a smile on my face (jkin), dont worry bolag i know saving lifes its a faction more important than cookies and jucie, (depends how many u get really?) :slight_smile:

My family is well known in my community for giving alot of money to charity. and we give alot of clothes to the salvage army.

You do realize that about 60% of the homeless people are homeless because of their addictions and inabilities to control their wants involving alcohol and drugs?

So…? Just because they have made a bad choice in life, doesn’t mean they have to suffer. People just don’t understand it. They are HOMELESS which means that they have NO HOMES. Simple needs that some of us take for granted don’t exist for them. They have to survive through winter without a house;in the bitter cold, begging for money in dirty clothes filled with germs. In my opinion, we should treat homeless people better. It pisses me off when people say things like go get a job or don’t even give them a penny. They are humans too and deserve to be treated like humans, not trash.

It means that whatever money you give them they’ll spend on boozing it up.

I was born with heaft trouble; AVSD with a Pulminary Stinosis (for any of you who know what that means). Every year, I donate money to the National Heart Association. Hopefully, soon, they will find a cure for Heart Disease and other cardiological illnesses…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

dude, were not just talking about homeless people, theres poverty stricken, people who have cancer, leikehmia, tumors, need blood and millions more, so why take one instance, if you don’t like giving to drug addicts them simply give to a physical charity, like help the aged, or oxfam.