Do you think hacking is wrong

Right i just want to establish how many people in runescape think hacking is right, because hacking is sad, so i’m basiclay seeing how many sad people there is in runescape.

nope, not if it is in the meaning of good, that is, it is being used to uncover childporn(for example) or that it is being used against other hackers by the law.

I’m sure everyone thinks hacking is wrong, We don’t need to make a post about it because I don’t think hackers are going to just come right out and tell everyone.

Hmm… Oh yeah! I think hacking is definetly right! * Heavy Sarcasm * What do you think? Hackers are all bad. What was the point of making this topic about hackers?

ok here is a wierd one. my mate is a girl on runescape and goes arounf getting high lvl players to be her/his bf. she is very good at it and has like 7 or eight bfs atm. now she gets stuff from these low lifes just for talking dirty to them but the other day one of them gave him there password! so my mate cleared his bank out. is this right or wrong?

Lol thats sad and hilarious xtremefighter.
I think hacking is wrong, duh :roll:

lol, he deserve it.
hacking is bad but the people who get hacked deserve it because most of the time they are trying to get a cheat which get them hacked.

so if you want to stay safe don’t give your pass to anybody, change it, and remember there are no cheats on runescape

wats that girls name?? rs name i mean …she clever i gotta giv her that :lol: