do0m pks

this is like everything i pked ( in 4 days )

wow some nice pks there

yea, but u never showed the pile, nor does that amount of items like the str ammies and d hide and rune and other shizzle look real. just saying, since, well, the too power ammies, when lined up with a ruler, dont look very lined up. nor do the 4 str ammies, if u look closely. u know, im just sayin.

wow. those killz are also 73h pur3 l337 0wn@g3111 good job!

Wow, Nice kills. :smiley:

add me ingame if u want… everything is real

Are you going to sell the rune weapons and the dragonhide?

Wow! Lol i don’t Pk, too protictive of my items huggles them close sometimes a pk though, mainly on newbies and lvls close to me :slight_smile:


soon i will but the dragonhide i will keep for myself

wow ownage killz
u got skillz that killz

Congratulations. Thats total ownage. Good luck with future pks.

are you an idiot?

you actually got a ruler and ruled it???

man you suck

Nice pk’s and pure. Gratz.

Nice PKing and Pure. Also nice drops you got like 5 Rune Scimmys, 2 Rune @-Handers, and 1 Rune Battle Axe. Lol ~Lucky~

nice amount of pkers and nice pure
im guessing ur a 2h ranger range to death then ko wiv 2h

yep :highfive: when i get members (soon) i go try out range then maul to death :smiley: