Well, this is quite wierd =P. Our school has got a dodgeball team =D. And I’m really hoping to enter the team. I didn’t get on it last year, but they’re making another one after the summer.

Any thoughts about dodgeball?

um…no but what state/contry do u live in?

Well, ive seen the film =)

Lol… You liked it? xD

well i like it XD anyway im really angry rite now _/ i dont know why though…

maybe cause ur weird…
anyways yea dodgeball is fun…i like it even tho im not good at throwing the ball

Aren’t you lucky? Dodgeball was banned from our school, which is bullcrap. :worried:

It was one of the better things we could do…have fun playing Alias. :grumpy:

Films ace and so is the game :smiley:
go out and throw those balls alias :wink:

alias mener du kanonball eller elfantball and dodgeball rocks!!!

We used to play this game in Taiwan when I moved to U.S.A. It was extremely popular in Taiwan, everyone participates in it. I don’t really like dodgeball, because everytime I play, I get hit in the face. I can throw, but with all the people crowded in one place, it’s really hard to run around. Espicially when there are people behind you aiming to hit you.

that was mean :frowning: :weeping:

DodgeBall is a most recommended game at our school. Because it contains: Accuracy, Power,Speed, Stratagies, Dodging, and Skills. Make sure you don’t jump to dodge with your legs open. I did that and I had to go to the hospital.

ow srry to hear tha kevin

darn it, I wish my school had a dodgeball team, that would be awsome. i love dodgeball. anyways, good luck on making the team!


the film is well good lol my m8s were and me were laughin about it yesterday
lazor,razor mechelle
it looks like my sort of game were u hurt pple hehe

Dodgeball’s fun, I’ve been playing it recently at school. Except when I got a hard one in the face… ow… >.<

yeah dodgeball is fun I just like hitting people in a nice way like in hockey football or rugby.

dodgeballs really fun… im pretty god at catching

Its fun. We play it at school… and a bit at my church youth club. When I threw the ball, i whacked my hand on the wall really hard. i got a cut on the knuckle now and it kills. What rules do you play at your schools?

Kanonball =).

Well, I’m glad this many people like dodgeball :).